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The modern Tonk was founded by Nawab Ameer Khan as a result of a treaty with the British in 1818 AD. Tonk is a quaint amalgamation of cross-cultural influences. It became a part of the state of Rajasthan in 1948.


Located 96 kms from Jaipur, on the way to Ranthambore is the quiet little town of Tonk, which was ruled by a tribe of Pathans from Afghanistan. Tonk is a city in eastern Rajasthan in northwestern India. It is situated just south of the Banas River. The old walled town, which was capital of the former princely state of Tonk, was founded in 1643 AD and is situated on the slopes of a small hill range. Tonk was once the stronghold of the Pathan tribesmen of Afghanistan who came to India.


The Arabic & Persian Research Institute: Houses a superb collection of Arabic & Persian manuscripts, some of them lavishly ornamented with gold, rubies, emeralds and pearls. The Nawabs of Tonk were avid book lovers and collectors. In the nineteenth and early decades of the present century, they built up a large collection of rare and magnificent manuscripts and books in Arabic and Persian. Toda Rai Singh Town: Surrounded by hills, the picturesque town of Toda Raisingh is situated in Tonk district. It is an ancient town of archaeological significance. In earlier times, it was also known as Takshakagadha or Takshakpur, Todapattan, Ishtikapur, etc. Founded by the Nagas in or around 4th century, this town was also ruled by Yuhilas of Chatsu and Chauhans of Ajmer.
In 15th & 16th centuries, it was the capital of Solanki Rajputs. The town got its present name from Rail Singh Sisodia, the famous ruler of this place. He was a Mughal 'Mansabdar' during the reign of Shahjahan. Toda Rai Singh is blessed with glorious historical past as well as rich cultural heritage.
It has a number of places of tourist interest. Prominent among them are - Hadi Rani Ki Baori (kund), Raja Rai Singh’s Mahal, Isar Baori, Bhopat Baori and beautiful temples of Kalyanji, Raghoraiji, Gopinathji,, Govinddeoji, etc. Bijolia inscription of V.E. 1226 suggests that Toda Rai Singh was a popular centre of Jainism.    

Sunheri Kothi: The golden mansion is the focal point of Tonk. A fairly ordinary monument from outside, the interior is richly ornamented with stained glass, mirrors, stucco and gilt. Other interesting buildings are those built to accommodate the British officers.


Sawai Madhopur: In the 13th century AD, Govinda the grandson of Prithviraj Chauhan took over the land. Later, his successor Vagbhatta, beautified the city and built a noteworthy temple at Jhain. It is also the gateway to the world-renowned Ranthambore National Park. more...

The Ranthambore National Park: The prominent tiger-reserve is a famous wild life reserve.


Air : Jaipur, 96 kms, is the nearest airport.

Rail : There is no direct rail connection to Tonk.

Road : A network of bus service links Tonk with several cities. It is situated on National Highway No. 12.

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